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Was born on a Tuesday early as... 04.02.1975.

Precision-peed straight into a doctor's v-neck at the age of 3 days.

Learned how to run before he learned how to walk and to this day can't sit still while on the phone.

From having expressed himself with a rather limited vocabulary consisting of made up words, he switched to an excessively clear and articulated language at the age of 4 (but that has changed since).

At dad's work he learned the names of trucks, at grandma's and grandpa's he learned the names of birds.

He sang drinking-songs in kindergarten (parental advice: explicit lyrics).

He pestered his mum for christian education, got in, but left fast after requesting information about the aesir gods.

He believed in Santa until he was 7 (when the fraud was brutally revealed to him).

Played poker for money at the age of 8 (Grandma' and Grandpa' taught him).

Got a Commodore 128 at the age of 12. Got pretty skilled at playing games but also got interested in programming.

Resumed his christian studies and got a PC 286.

Participated in his first boat-race at the age of 14 (lost some time due to a certain navigator waving to the camera).

Skipped university.

Moved from Täby to Bromma at the age of 28.

Knocked down a Kung Fu instructor at the age of 32.