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About us


Jelena and Joakim, in a nutshell.

They met on a cold and slippery winter's day in Amsterdam.

Jelena and Joakim got married 07-07-07


You can check out Joakim's blog here. Jelena's blog can be found here, and her other blog with short stories here.


We like clean simple design. Our apartment has material like oak, walnut, slate, stainless steel, glass and aluminum. The walls are painted in shades of grey. We add color accents with details like flowers, books and paintings. The paintings are painted by Jelena when she has time and is up for it or as presents that either of us got during the years.


We both love flowers, Jelena prefers to get them alive in a pot. Jelena has lowered the average age of the Swedish African violets society significantly when she joined. Joakim has managed to keep one or two orchids alive over the years.

When we watch TV it is mostly DVD that we watch. We are fond of "Lost", "Friends" and "South Park".