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Was born on a Saturday, at noon, 23.02.1974.

When she was 9 months old, she said her first complete sentence. "Nena is smelling the flowers" (Nena was her nickname).

Started walking in high heels (snatched mum's shoes) at the age of 2.

Got a brother, Vladimir, upon her request when she was almost 4.

Never went to kindergarten.

Fell in love with math when she was 6.

Punched the first guy that told her he liked her when she was 7. No other guy told her anything similar for years to come.

Wanted to become a painter when she was 8.

Dad bought her and Vladimir a "Commodore 64" when she was 9. Dad hoped his children would learn something. They got pretty skilled in a wide range of games.

Got her teachers upset when she was 12, denying Darwin's theory of evolution in front of the whole class. Declined that it was for the religious reasons.

Always wanted to wear glasses, but sees better than an average pilot.

Played a lot of bridge like card games.

Had two extra teeth in the lower jaw removed. "Nines" - pretty rare. A picture was taken for a medical book.

Took her MSci in electronics in 1998.

Moved too many times to count.

Wants to be a writer.

The best advice she ever got - "Don't you think you are something special!" (her mum).

The worst advice she ever got - "Don't you think you are something special!"

Jelena's blog can be found here, and her other blog with short stories here.