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Our African violets - semi-mini and mini

Aca's Glamour Puss Semi-double/double plum/pink two-tone pansy. Medium green foliage. Semi-mini.

Ajohn's Shimmering Star single, glittering stars, seashell pink and broadly white edged. Foliage medium green rounded and serrated. Semiminiature.

Chantia semidouble pansy, pale pink with occasional darker pink streaks. Dark green, plain foliage. Mini.

Cirelda Double pink two-tone. Quilted. Semimini trailer.

Falling Snow semi-mini trailer. Pure white flowers, small light green leaf.

Green Dragon Semidouble white and green star. Foliage variegated medium green and white.

Irish Flirt double flower. Green and white flowers, wavy shiny leaf. Semi-mini violet.

Jenny Blue Mini.

Jenny Purple Mini.

Katia single and semidouble pansy shaped blossoms are covered in sugary white and touched with pink centers. Medium green rosette forming foliage. Semi mini.

Pink MInt Double star, light pink with variable green tinge and green tips. Foliage medium green.

Rag Doll Semidouble hot pink frilled pansy. Blue fantasy, variable yellow streaks. Variegated dark green, rose and cream, quilted, scalloped, wavy leaves.

Rob's Boolaroo Semidouble light pink sticktite pansy with bright blue fantasy. Medium green, quilted. Semi-mini trailer.

Rob's Gray Ghost single-semidouble white pansy. Variegated black-green and white, quilted, red back. Semiminiature.

Rob's Mad Cat double rose-pink with blue splashes, edged red-purple. Very dark foliage. Semi-mini.

Rob's Pewter Bells semidouble, silver-light blue large bells. Dark green, pointed, TLV foliage. Semi-mini.

Rob's Sticky Wicket semidouble light fuchsia. Medium green, pointed foliage. Semimini trailer.

Rokoko mini semi trailer from Finland. Pink, double flowers grow hanging down. Small, heartshaped leaves.