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Our African violets

Rainbow's Black Frost semidouble dark purple-black two-tone large star with white ruffled edge.

Rainbow's Quiet Riot large stars of blue-purple with white fantasy streaks, dark green scalloped leaves.

Rainbow's Stage Left semidouble, pink with blue fantasy that gets denser towards the edges.

San Mateo Blues semidouble-double lavender-blue two-tone frilled large with variable white markings, thin white-green and/or purple edge. Variegated green, white and pink leaves.

Scandal semidouble large stars of deep orchid, tipped randomly in almost black, then edged in white. Flowers may at times be tinted with green. Medium green lightly quilted foliage.

Shogun light pink fringed, green edge double. Ruffled, dark green, red-backed foliage.

Silverglade Queens large cup-shaped deep purple stars. Dark green serrated foliage.

Sonja a single blue pansy. Dark green leaves with red reverse.

St Paulia Velutina simple pansy with darker middle, sometimes even darker buds. Dark green, round, hairy, serrated leaves with red marks.

Stargate the fantasy pattern, a semi-double layer bloom. Plum in color with a thin halo in light lavander that is leaning towards white. Covered with bright pink spots. Dark green, symetrical leaves. Large.

Summer carnival semidouble white, pink and yellow ruffled with yellow eye, blue fantasy. Dark green foliage. Standard.

Susie Sunshine single and semidouble stars of white have wavy petals, edged in hot pink, strongly marked and blushed in deep yellow tones. The plain, medium green foliage is standard in size.

Svartvinbärs Sorbet semi-double star, flashy wine red in color, covered with purple dots, denser towards the edges. Very thin green-white edge.

Tomahawk semidouble/double vibrant red. Dark tailored foliage. Excellent red. Large.

Trendy Blue the bicolored pansy flowers have a white center, that gradually changes into the primary blue colour towards the edges.

Voodoo Magic sticktight dark coral simple pansy flowers with purple fantasy and white edge. Variegated medium green, white and cream leaf with red back.