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Our African violets


Island Rose double dark pink with dark green ruffled edge. Dark green, ruffled leaves with red back. Standard.

Kaliza a single pink flower with frilled edges and dark green leaves with red reverse.

Kosta's fantasy (Kostina fantaziya) pink and purple star with a white non-uniform edge and blue-purple fantasy. Leaves medium green. Standard.

Lamb's ear fluffy white double with soft pink edge. Fuzzy medium green foliage. Standard trailer.

Lauren Nicole mauve-pink pansy with raspberry top petals and gold frilled edge. Variegated leaves. Standard

Ma's Winter Moon sparkling, medium blue double stars with large, white-feathered edges, often gray-green fringed tips. Exquisite TL variegated foliage.

Mermaid mauve/lilac flowers with beautiful blue fantasy markings and white geneva edge. Round serrated leaf.

Millennia large double star, purple in varying hues edged in white, sometimes green. Foliage medium green.

Mocambique large double star, purple in varying hues edged in white, sometimes green. Foliage medium green. Standard.

Neon Fantasy Semidouble to double dark purple frilled pansy with hot pink fantasy spots. TL variegated dark foliage with red back. Standard.

Ness Fantasy Gold Yellow, orange, fuchsia and pink semi-double flowers. Dark green wavy leaves. Standard.

Ode To Beauty medium coral large stars with raspberry band and white edge, dark green leaf. Single/semi-double flower.

Painted Sunrise light pink double flowers with darker pink on upper petals, dark green pink and white variegated leaf. Large.

Pandora pink, simple/semidouble big stars with frilled edges. Blue/lilac fantasy, spots and stains. Dark green foliage.

Pink Sensation blooms are single-semidouble white ruffled star with pink patches. Variegated medium green and white, quilted leaves. Standard.

Pow Wow single-semidouble dark red flowers over variegated medium green and cream leaf. Standard.