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Our African violets

Aca's Ukrainian Winter semidouble white frilled star with slight pink blush, thin green edge. Variegated medium green and white, ruffled foliage.

Aeolian Wasp pink wasp shaped bloom. Bustle back foliage, medium green compact.

Ajohn's Spinning Bells a single layer, bell-formed flower, the frilled variety, light pink color with darker pink beams stretching from the center and patches of green where the buds meet.

Ajohn's Spinning Bells Sport a single layer pansy, the frilled variety, light pink color with patches of green towards the edges.

Ajohn's Summer Sun large double stars, white with prominent lemon yellow shadings. Foliage plain, rounded, light to medium green. Standard.

Ajohn's Winter Moon single and semi-double pansies, white with prominent yellow and mauve shadings. Foliage medium green, wavy. Standard.

Ajohn’s Yellow Submarine Sport a small, double varying white and yellow blossom, with medium green leaves. My sport variant has some pink areas as well. Very pretty!

Akira a single red pansy. Dark green leaves with red reverse.

Alamo Stranger Double light pink, green and bronze large flowers. Dark green foliage. Standard.

Alliance semidouble. Medium blue stars with white and pink fantasy. Terrific, dark, heavily variegated, white and cream foliage.

Apache Excitement single baby pink pansy blossoms with chartreuse green edges on top petals. Ruffled variegated green, white, and pink foliage.

Art Deco Single, two shades of pink. Mosaic variagated leaves with pink patches. Mine is semidouble-double.

Beachcomber Semidouble-double white large star with variable pink and blue mottled edge. Medium green foliage.

Blue dragon Large semidouble. Light blue stars with darker eye, purple band, variable white edge. Amazing.

Blue lace pale green, medium blue and whitish colored petals. Semi-double, edged flower. Quilted, serrated leaf with red reverse.

Blueberry Mint semidouble dark blue ruffled star with green edge (occasionally some white). Dark green, ruffled red reverse foliage.

BM Magic Night double violet star with rosy fantasy. Medium green, plain foliage. Standard.

Bob Serbin Sport Semidouble pink-light red (the original Bob Serbin is red) sticktite pansy with thin white edge. Dark green serrated leaves with a red back.

Broadway Star semidouble medium pink large stars with fuchsia sparkle fantasy and wide darker eye. Dark green leaf.

Buckeye Butterflies semidouble lavender two-tone ruffled pansy. Variegated dark green, pink and cream, plain, pointed, serrated. Standard.

Burnished Halo semidouble deep plum (black). Variegated foliage.

Butterfly Blue large, full, dark blue-purple flowers with a white edge. Dark green quilted leaves.

Butterfly Red large, full, dark red flowers with a white edge. Dark green quilted leaves.

Cartoon Baloon Double large pink with dark blue fantasy. Dark green, pointed, red back foliage.

Chico frilled, bi-colored, white flower with a blue edge. Plain, light green leaves.

Chico Sport frilled, bi-colored, blue flower with occational white streaks. Plain, light green leaves.

Chimera Amanda pink flower with red stripe. Dark green, plain foliage.

Chimera Chain reaction single-semidouble blossom light pink large star with dark blue stripe, blue fantasy. Medium green, plain foliage.

Chimera Sharon flower has a dark blue-purple central stripe and white margins. Dark green foliage.

Chimera Fenna pink blossom with violet stripe. Plain medium green foliage.

Date’s Drucilla single wasp-type large rose-pink flowers with darker eye. Medium green with occasional compound leaf foliage. Standard.

Deep Sky dark blue flowers heavily blotched with deep pink, dark green tailored leaf. Large.

Designer Dress semidouble pink frilled star with lighter shading and white edge. Dark green, heart-shaped, pointed, quilted, wavy leaves.

EK Goddess Of Beauty double hot magenta, large ruffled star with purple shades. Dark green, elongated leaves.

EK Wild Blackberry Double dark purple violet wavy star. Medium green ovate foliage.

Emerald Love semidouble white with cream and wide green band pansy. Excellent green with many cupped blooms per stem. Dark red-backed wavy foliage.

Field and Stream semi-double, the frilled variety. Silver lavender with green veil. Light green leaves.

Frozen In Time Loads of slightly cupped white semidouble pansies with wide bands of green.

Glittersweet double. Pink with loads of small red spots on edges. Wavy, dark leaves.

Golden Plume Semidouble white star with yellow mottling. Variegated medium green and white, pointed, quilted, serrated foliage. Standard.

Golden Rubies single-semidouble light burgundy-red star, darker tips, thin frilled green edge. Dark green, ruffled foliage, red reverse.

Hawaiian Pearl semidouble-double ivory star, dark lavender-rose band. Dark green leaves.