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Our hoyas

Hoyas we currently have

Hoya Carnosa

Native to Eastern Asia and Australia.

Clusters of attractive, star shaped, pink-white blossoms are produced in summer.

The plant does best in at least 4 hours of direct sunlight a day, but also can be grown in bright indirect or curtain-filtered sunlight. Water freely during flowering but allow the soil to become almost dry between waterings when the plants are resting. Fertilize every 2 months in spring and summer. Do not remove the leafless spurs or stubs, on which new flowers appear every year.

Hoya Davidcumminggii

A small hoya best grown hanging.

The leaves are thick, dark green with darker edges and the underside is lighter green. The corolla is pink and the corona is yellow with a red center. The flowers last about 5 days and there are 10-15 flowers in an umbel. Little nectar, the caramel like fragrance.

Hoya villosa (globulosa)

Likes a lot of light and humidity. Hard to bring to flower.

It blossomed for us, which made us very happy! We keep it in the eastern window of the kitchen, where is quite humid and sometimes the extra lights are on.

Comes from Himalaya. Long, light green leaves with darker veins. Flowers crème/light yellow in color.

Hoya Wayetii

Easy to grow.

Comes from Philippines. Pointed narrow leaves with brown edges. Flowers are fuzzy ball-shaped and have a light, sweet fragrance. Maroon/purple with darker flowers in the center. Has a lot of nectar.

Hoya Weebella

Beautifully hanging. White flowers with pink corona. Tiny leaves.