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Maven (the gray cat) we got when she was about 6 months old. She was born in April 2006. Her mum is a Siamese, and her dad was the most handsome domestic tomcat in the village (that is what we think happened... the fact is that she was not really planned). She is very affectionate and loves us and her home a lot.

She is a skilled climber and likes to be carried, but is not fond of sitting in the lap. On the other hand, she chooses often herself to sit next to us. Maven usually sleeps in our bed.

Leroy, the lilac masked Siamese, whose full name is Bad Bad Leroy Brown (we got inspired by Frank Sinatra), is from Forshaga, and was born in December 2006. We bought him from a nice girl, Nathalie, who is a cat breeder. She dedicates a lot of time and love to her dogs and cats.

Leroy is pretty talkative, a bit naughty, always friendly and extremely social. He likes to be petted and to sit in our laps. He takes part in everything we do.

It seems that he truly believes that he is helpful, maybe even essential for the success of everything we do, but often the case is quite the opposite.

Leroy imitates Maven in everything she does. They often wrestle, on their daily freakouts, that take about half an hour each, or even up to one hour on a good day.

Maven thinks that Leroy is annoying and a bit of a pain in the ass sometimes, but she is always nice to him when he behaves. We are grateful that she takes care of his upbringing, otherwise it would be impossible to handle him.

Neither of our cats scratches people or is aggressive. It can happen that someone earns a mark if he is not careful when playing with the cats, but they do not do it on purpose. It has happened that the cats got their tails pulled by our friends' children before we could prevent it. The cats did not do anything mean then, just tried to escape the grips.