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Journal 2007

31-12-2007 Mau mau mau mauuuu!

Jocke was yelling loudly at Leroy who was so sleepy that his head was falling towards the pillow he was lying on. Leroy gave one long, deep, sleepy and somewhat questioning look to Jocke and moved to an another pillow that was hanging on the radiator. But that weird Jocke followed.

Mau mau mau mauuuu!

Leroy escaped into the kitty-house in another room and closed his eyes trying to finally get some sleep. He was so tired. He ran back and forth and yelled so hard the whole night long and now Jocke would not let him sleep. How rude!

Joakim's Sleep Tracker showed that he hardly had some sleep at all, what just confirmed what he already knew. The previous night consisted of a series of attempts to fall asleep, interrupted by Leroy's non-stop, loud and intensive performance which caused a cortisol rush that was making him very stressed, or as someone might have put it - half-mad.

So, these are the statements that describe our problem: Leroy is calling for ladies all night long. The humans are not nocturnal creatures. The stress levels are high. We do not want to castrate Leroy yet.

After some thinking, we decided to activate our cats as much as possible during the day. Playing a lot with them in the evenings will hopefully make them tired when we go to sleep. We will try that.

Jocke is not mewing anymore. Jelena did not want him to stress her little darling who is now calmly asleep on his pillow.

29-12-2007 Leroy became a father for the first time last Thursday! Blue Iam's Hannah delivered 4 gorgeous and big babies during the day. It seems that we got 2 blue masked boys and 2 lilac girls. It is too early to see the colors, it is just a guess. All of them feel well. Monica says that the babies got their mum's prominent jaw line and dad's amazing lung capacity!

Here are some of the pictures of the kittens that Monica took during the delivery!

27-12-2007 The four of us celebrated Christmas at Jocke's grandfather's. The father to be was very nice on our first day there, all sweet and playful, charming as always.

During the second night grandfather managed to close the door to the bathroom where the litterbox was located. Leroy yelled like a maniac and woke all of us up, but we did not understand why he yelled, so we just fell asleep again... It turned out that the poor thing could not enter the bathroom so he ended up peeing on a duvet in one of the beds!

The things did not get better after the accident. Leroy continued to yell and got all crazy, very confused and tried to pee again in an another room. We packed our things as quickly as we could and headed straight back home.

Leroy is calm now, he is back to his old self again, uses only the litterbox. He seems very happy to be back to his home and his old routines.

We are expecting some news about Hannah's kittens to arrive any moment now, Leroy's first litter should get delivered today!

23-12-2007 It was not a good idea to take a break in a game of Scrabble and leave it on the table for a couple of hours. Usually kitties do not care to mess with the letters, but yesterday Maven decided it was about time to show off her knowledge of Czech (we think) language and rearrange the letters on our board a little bit...

Well, now we can put on Maven's CV that she is not only an ornithologist, she is also a polyglot. Leroy, he is a florist and an opera singer wannabe.

17-12-2007 Leroy feels better. After a week of not getting much better, we visited an another veterinary and got antibiotics! He didn't want to take the pill, he fought and protested fiercely! At the end he got it cunningly hidden in tuna. Yummy, until the third day when he discovered the foul play and ate all but the pills that he carefully picked out from the food and left. We didn't want to forcefeed him so we tried to smear them with butter in order to make them more tasty but that didn't work at all. In the end it worked to moist them and mix them with his favorite vitamins.

The ulcer on Leroy's nose started to heal soon after he had taken the antibiotics for the first time, it's no longer red and inflamed and he sounds much better now. He plays with Maven as usual and grooms his fur regularly again! When he felt the worst he didn't want to lick himself at all, he just felt bad. He starts looking pretty again. He is once more the glittery, shimmery lilac kitty we're used to!

We mailed both Lillis' and Messalina's owners, gave all the details of Leroys condition and possible causes. Both of them will visit their vets and treat them proactively in order not to jeopardize the kittens health. All the cats, ours and visitors' were vaccinated, tested negative against different diseases and looked healthy, but things turned out as they did anyway. We people get sick every now and then and it's the same with cats.

Leroy is going to continue taking his antibiotics for two more weeks, even though he fells well now. We have to continue until he is free from germs for sure. Maven did not get sick, she seems to have better immunity. Leroy got to meet several cats during a short period of time and his immune defense went down because of the stress that caused.

Leroy turned one year last week! It was not that much fun since he felt his worst then, but now he feels well and we are happy about that and look forward to our first Christmas with both cats! Christmas ornaments are so much fun in our cats' opinion, you can play with glitter and colored balls. Still, all the mice toys filed with catnip are the best toys ever!

09-12-2007 Leroy has a cold. Jelena is wiping his runny nose from time to time, but that is not really appreciated. He sounds terrible, his strong voice became a weak squeaky peep, and all he wants to do is to lie somewhere where it's warm. Our poor Leroy is so sick and tired. Maven seems to be ok, yet she is more silent than usual and she sneezed a few times today.

Naturally we became so worried when he started breathing like Darth Vader, so we went acutely to a hospital for animals. All the results of a blood check were fine, but he was apparently sick. The veterinary explained that Leroy's got a cold. As people can get a cold, so can cats. The only thing one can do is to get plenty of rest, and we have to take care of him so that he eats and drinks plenty of water.

He is getting plenty of tuna in shrimp sauce, his favorite food, and he does drink water regularly, but it is heartbreaking to see our little baby cat so weak and sick. No more babes until he gets totally healthy! I thought that I would never say this, but I miss his loud yelling so much. All that we get to hear now is just a little bit of - peep.

Peeeep. :(

03-12-2007 A new beauty paid a visit to Mr Charming, the lady with an unusual pet name Messalina. Messalina was a name of a wife of a Roman emperor Claudius, a powerful and influential woman with a notorious reputation. The kitty's real name is Yahtzee's Strike of Gold.

This kitty was nothing like that vicious Roman lady. She was so kind and nice to Leroy, it was love all over from the very start. Messalina was a bit shy and did not want to pose for Jelena's camera, but we got a few nice pictures of her from her owner Laila.

25-11-2007 The guy's got charm! We are thinking of doing some synthetic copy of Leory's sweat and launching a kitty perfume "Leroy Irresistible". THAT would make some impact on a market of kitty products! If his charm worked on Lillis, it will work on... I don't know... even dogs!

24-11-2007 Yesterday, quite unexpectedly, we got a visit from Lillis from Dalarna!

We planned to breed her and Leroy some time this winter, but poor Lillis got into heat and was not getting out of it for quite some time already, which can be dangerous for the cats. If in heat for too long, they run a high risk of getting an inflammation of the uterus (pyometra). Lillis owner, Ylva, called in the afternoon, and the arrangements were quickly made. Leroy to the rescue! After 3 hours of drive, late in the evening, Ylva was here with the kitty that was very much in heat indeed, even after a long travel.

Leroy liked Lillis. Lillis, whose name really is Mischa's Dandelion, maybe liked him back, we are not sure. That cat wanted some Leroy loving, yes, but also she wanted to dominate to that extent that we ended up at the veterinary clinic today, after she scratched poor Leroy over one eye. He managed to close the eye fast enough so the retina did not suffer, but that was a close one.

They managed to mate few times today, but after every time our little guy did his stuff (only for a good cause!), he was heavily yelled at and hunted around the whole room, punched and scratched with a paw of a kitty that for some reason really wanted to kick his arse.

Hannah was his first love. Although so dominating character herself, she was nice to him, licked him after they started getting along better and behaved nicely towards the little boy. Belle was a real sweetheart, a timid cute little cat that slept cuddled next to Leroy all the time. They were soooo cute.

But Lillis. Oh, Lillis. She is a tough one.

20-11-2007 An ad on Siames & Orientalgruppen's homepage, under "Vi väntar på / Expected Litters"!

16-11-2007 Clean!

16-11-2007 Leroy is in love again! Shade of Jade Belle

09-11-2007 Cute little kitties are getting used to being inside... it is cold and rainy outside anyway. They are running around and playing with each other. Non-stop yelling feels soooo yesterday. Our little angels! :)

07-11-2007 Leroy got into a fight with The Bully after what he got back home with a cut that bled and was dangerously near the eye!

Jocke examined the wound while Jelena called the veterinary, cried and talked to Leroy, all at the same time. Leroy seemed mostly pissed off, not really scared, and yelled as loud as he could (or so they thought back then). He wanted to run out and continue fighting. No way, Jose!

After consulting Staffan, Monica and Google (the vet was useless, just booked an appointment the NEXT DAY), Leroy got some eye drops with sterile water/salt solution in his eye, what was not greatly appreciated, and was grounded until castrated. His male hormone levels got dangerously high and he wants to fight, fight, fight!

He yells and yells and yells. He still wants to go out and kick some arses. Cats do fight (what consists mostly of yelling, and Siamese win that one every time) over their territory anyway, until the borders and hierarchy are established, but young, hormones-pumped-up tomcats do not stop fighting easily. They get hurt, and we do not want Leroy to get hurt. His cut has healed fast, and he is fine now, but this time he was lucky. It feels that the only responsible thing to do is to keep Leroy at home until castrated.

He yells and yells and our heads feel as if they are going to implode some time soon. Yes, IMPLODE, the pressure coming from his yelling is just unbearably high.

02-11-2007 By the way, where was Leroy while poor Maven was sitting in the tree? Leroy simply didn't want to go out! And it wasn't even cold yet!

Leroy was in love! He got a visit by a little siamese lady, Blue-Iam's Hannah , a couple of days before the bully episode. It didn't take long before he got obsessed with her. Hannah camped in our guest room. There she gave a fantastic performance for Leroy - she rolled on the floor, was a bit angry with him, changed her mood rapidly and became very nice, then angry again, and then really nice again (women)... She meowed and meowed, looked a bit at him in dismay, swayed her hips and put her tail to the side, then she rolled again... simply put: she was in heat.

Leroy got seduced almost instantly. He meowed and yelled, wanted to be petted, wanted to play, wanted to bite, meowed again... He even showed his merchandise to Hannah, the full monty, but something was missing from his repertoire. He was persistent though in his attempts to discover what guys do with girls that act like that and continued to force through (hey, it's not like he has a DVD or any formal education in the subject, his approach was entirely empirical).

Jelena and Jocke desperately wanted to help the little guy but it was simply not possible. Leroy wanted to do his own thing and decided he did not need any help. He was good at grabbing Hannah by the neck and stand somewhere behind Hannah, but he didn't know the next step. Most of the time he pushed Hannah with his paw, meowed, pushed again and then he would repeat the whole ritual again, from the top.

We watched them for two days. They liked each other, cuddled now and then, but Hannah wanted some real kitty-loving, and Leroy's most successful attempts consisted of stepping repeatedly on her back with his hind legs, while he gently held her neck skin between his teeth. But the evening #3, Jocke heard a weird sound and saw Hannah that was rolling and shaking on the floor like a lunatic while Leroy sat near her and looked totally confused, but not really unhappy. Jocke had a feeling that what he saw was somehow important and called Jelena. She came and both of them sat discreetly on the sofa in the living room while looking through the glass door into the guest room where the cats were. Maven was out. Most of the time she did not care at all about the two yelling creatures and seemed to be happy that they are imprisoned in the small room while the rest of the apartment and both humans were only hers, once again.

10 minutes after the first time, it happened again! Jelena described what happened to Monica, Hannah's owner, that sat at her home, glued to the computer and exchanged the messages with Jelena, very fast and often. The both of them were very excited about the future of the Siamese kind that was being made just at that moment (according to them!).

Jelena: "Now I was here... I think that that was it, that Leroy did it. He stepped and stepped, and then got still for a while, after which Hannah yelled loudly what made him jump a side. She rolled a bit as she did before, and he licked his private parts. We never saw how cats do it, but we believe that Mr Leroy did it! Now we are getting a cigar to give him and hope that he continues like this! :D"

Out of respect for the cats' private life we will not publish any pictures that could be interpreted as cat porn. Anyway we hope for a few healthy and pretty kittens a bit after Chrismas! Fingers crossed! :D

26-10-2007 Yes, The Bully is back and is terrorizing Maven that is half his size. Although Maven is very brave, she is not stupidly brave. Yes, she knows when it is time to climb a tree.

The morals of the story:

  • Pick your battles! Avoiding a conflict is sometimes the best thing you can do.
  • If you want to climb the trees and not look ridiculous at the end of the day, keep a close watch on your BMI (Body Mass Index)
One more thing - one might wonder where Leroy was at the time of the accident that was filmed and presented here... hmmm...

23-10-2007 Jelena's story: Otto, the man that we got Maven from (via Joakim's dad) came by yesterday and wanted to say hi to Maven that he did not see in almost a year. Then we got to hear more of the story about Maven. She and her siblings were abandoned by their mum that left and never came back when they were only about 1 month old. She hung around until they were found by Otto and, probably when she saw they were in safe hands, she left, or something happened to her.

Maven was the smallest of all the kittens and they did not think she would make it, but she did. Otto and his family took good care of them. All the kittens were very nice and kind to everyone. Maven was the "wild one", she liked to go out and run through the forest and fields.

I did not think that Maven would remember a man who took care of her for about 6 months of her life, since she did not see him in such a long time, and she was so small when she came to us. But something odd happened when he came in the apartment and greeted her.

Maven always greets our guests, checks them out a bit, marks them with her cheeks, and then usually goes away to mind her own business. Now she did not want to be greeted by Otto - she protested weakly when he lifted and hugged her. I took Maven from him and hugged and petted her, not understanding what was going on, but she wanted to go. I put her on the floor and she ran away and hid in a paper bag that was standing on the floor in the living room, looking scared. I did not see Maven scared since she met Leroy for the first time and he hissed at her. And then she was more shocked than scared. She is one very brave little cat and is not afraid of anything.

I sat on the floor and talked to her softly while listening to Otto's stories about the cats his family has and about Maven when she was small. I was certain that he was a genuinely warm and caring human being and I did not understand Maven's odd behaviour.

Otto was here for only about 5-10 minutes, then he had to run. I came back and talked gently to Maven that was still in the paper bag. She came out slowly, looked through the apartment and went to the sleeping room. There she jumped on the bed and started purring, hugging me with her front paws, poking my forehead with hers and showering me with so much love that I got overwhelmed and almost cried. I got it then. She did recognize Otto. She did not want to leave her home, her humans and the life she has, and go back. I know she was taken care of well there where she came from, but she loves us and her home so much...

I hugged and hugged and held Maven, making her silky fur all wet with my tears, while she held onto me and hugged and hugged me back. None shows their love so strongly, exclusively and clearly as she does. I love her so much and she loves me back.

19-10-2007 Jelena was getting ready to take a picture of one of her flowers and so she put the plant on a chair and started to zoom in, when a white and fast mini-goat jumped on the chair and started chewing on the flower!

Iiiiiiiiii! He is absolutely not allowed to do that! The cats usually do not touch the flowers. The funny element in a not so funny situation was that Jelena accidentally pressed the button and took an amazingly clear picture of the event!

The attention is the best drug. And Leroy is the worst addict when it comes to that. Well, that is the kind of things that happen when you do not have the little one in the centre of attention for, like, 5 minutes. Poor Jelena's flower.

15-10-2007 That black and white cat is terrorising our cats, coming here sometimes and chasing them all over the place, but it seems that Leroy got a bit cocky today and won in "Who is the best in loud miaowing" championship.

Matte heard something like an extremely loud lion roar - "ROOOOOOAAAAAAARRRRRRR" and ran to the balcony because both of our cats were out... and then she witnessed the situation pictured here on two photos. It was Leroy that roared like a lion! Unbelievable! It looks as if the other cat is standing in a submissive position, with its tail bent between and under the back legs, while Leroy is scared, what can be seen on his huge fluffy tail, but he is so brave anyway! What a courageous little kitty we have!

Leroy is inside now, matte is not letting him go out. He is protesting loudly, he wants to go out and kick arses of all the cats that dare go near his small bushes of grass.

27-09-2007 Yesterday we filmed Leroy. He had just woken up and eaten a piece of a cat-candy before he showed how a guy gives a kiss to his matte and sniffs her camera.

25-09-2007 We were at the veterinary today, for a check-up and all is fine with Leroy's kidneys! No cysts, nothing abnormal, he is completely healthy! We got it black on white from the vet. Leroy behaved so well, they did not even have to sedate him during the examination.

Test your cats for PKD (Polycystic Kidney Disease) before you decide to use them for breeding! PKD is a disease which symptoms occur later in life, as enlarged kidneys and kidney dysfunction that occurs between 3 and 10 years of age (7 in average). The ultimate end is kidney failure.

PKD can be discovered via ultrasound examination. If a cat does not have PKD, then it does not carry a gene for it. PKD is not contagious, but it is inherited in dominant manner. You can read more about the disease here.

20-09-2007 Jelena is recovering from a near-death experience. Maven brought her a dead bird as a present.

17-09-2007 Leroy was up and alert this morning, hard at work and good as always. He put Jelena's miniature bottles of perfume in order - they were ordered all wrong, he thought. At least 3 of them ought to be on the floor, that's how it should be.

15-09-2007 Leroy woke up Jelena early this morning, he yelled like a lunatic since he broke one of her flower pots in the kitchen and someone had to clean up all the mess!

He did a new thing - Jelena pretended to sleep and ignored his yelling. That didn't stop him, he patted her cheek with his paw until she opened her eyes. He was careful with his paw though. :)

Leroy under cover.

Rade, thank you, I really do love silk.

Because I am worth it.

Perfect lilac color!

Leroy sleeping on Jelena's legs - one of his everyday activities.

It is sooo cold! Someone should really start the fire! Husse! I am freezing here!

Now, let me out!!! I have the collar on and I do not care about the cold!

Zoom on Maven's eye color.

Matte, I love you!

Zoom on Leroy's eye color.

Now, that is a nice profile!

It is bedtime! Maven licks Leroy clean before both kitties go to sleep.

Leroy, 10 months old.

Those insects are somewhere out there!

Who said you were allowed to stop petting me?!

Pet, pet, pet... PET ME!

Leroy, posing for the camera.

Maven, looking for insects. Someone has to provide food for the family!

Leroy, 7 months old.

His Royal Highness Bad Bad Leroy Brown starting to look more and more gracious.

Cat. We think.

He actually learns how to purr. Not sure yet when to, so he just purrs randomly.

A cat or a gremlin?

A few days after a not so smooth start, the cats started being nicer to each other.

Leroy, The Cyber Cat.

Leroy's second day at home.

Leroy, scared of his own reflection in the mirror, an hour upon arriving to his new home. His tail looks like a cactus when he gets scared.

Maven, 7 months old.

When we got Maven the whole apartment was being renovated. We were desperate to live in chaos. She loved it.